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Hackers claiming they can access your smart TVs Camera

Samsung’s Smart TV could used by hackers to watch everything that occurs in your living-room by acquiring entree to the device’s inbuilt camera and microphones, it’s been claimed.

Malta-based security firm ReVuln posted a video showing how its researchers had learned to crack the television to access its settings – including any personal information stored on it.  “We can install malicious software to gain complete root access to the TV,” they said in the video.

Luigi Auriemma, co-founder of ReVuln, says he has found a way to grab  the IP address of the device and gain access.  In the video he is able to access remote files and information like the viewing history, as well as siphon data from USB drives attached to a compromised TV.

Auriemma told Ars Technica:  “At this point the attacker has complete control over the device.”

So we’re talking of utilizing custom firmwares, spying on the victim if camera and microphone are available, stealing any credentials and accounts stored… on the device, applying his own certificates when accessing https websites, and tracking any activity of the victim (movies, photos, music, and websites seen) and so on.

This just shows that in the day and age of the internet, and have everything counnected, anyone or anything is at risk.

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