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Counterfeit drugs being sold via fake YouTube Notifications

Phishers are seeking to deceive users into clicking on false YouTube links that lead to a counterfeit drug website, according to a blog post yesterday from security firm Webroot.

The author alleges that scammers are circulating emails that imitate legitimate Youtube notices. The emails claim someone from Youtube Support has sent the user a personal message, when the user clicks on a link in the email, they’re redirected to a drug website, Canadian Family Pharmacy.

Webroot says,

According to recently published research, hundreds of thousands of US-based users click on links found in these types of fraudulent emails, and actually add counterfeit drugs to their shopping carts. The vibrant cybercrime ecosystem is in fact so advanced that, in order to stimulate the affiliate network participants into converting more traffic into actual customers, they even hold annual contests aiming to build a loyal community of network participants.

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