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1337Day Exploits Market sell and buy exploits around the world

Many users that are active in the information security scene are aware of  1337day is a site running by the former and team.  They have now have released a new feature which allows researches to buy and sell Zero-Days.

This update now brings a new category called “Private” which lists all the Zero-Days and private exploits being sold on their exploit market.

1337day is acting as a middleman to the seller’s and buyer’s which is beneficial to prevent fraud and scamming.  You can buy credits or “Gold” (1 gold is equivalent to 1 LR) on the site to purchase verified Zero-Days directly from the researchers that found them.

According to the press release from the site’s team “1337day is primarily an open market and they cannot rely solely on independent exploit developers to fill gaps and round out coverage, so 1337day team is now started hiring Metasploit exploit developers.”

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