Thursday, January 27, 2022

@Z_H_C_ Defaced the English Defense League Site

@Z_H_C_ or ZCompany Hacking Crew (ZHC) hacked and defaced the website of English Defense League and published e-mails from the organization’s Gmail account.

“The hackers accuse the site’s administrators of ‘harassing innocent people and stealing money from them to fund their racist adventures,'” writes Softpedia’s Eduard Kovacs. “To demonstrate their point, they’ve published screenshots of emails in which individuals are complaining that they have been tricked into subscribing to the English Defence League (EDL) website. Furthermore, some claim that their credit cards have been illegally utilized to make donations.”

At the time of the publishing the deface page is still up on

Text in their deface page:

Such a shame! EDL admins! as we ZHC said we will always be one step ahead of you. We will chase you, expose your racism and even remove you from the web. We demonstrated it successfully by deleting your facebook page three times. And we have demonstrated it successfully by defacing and exposing your frauds yet again.But the best is yet to come. Yes right, details of supporters and donors of EDL will be made public soon.A racist organization like you don't deserve to exist. And we ZHC will leave no stone upturned in exposing your lies. To the ordinary EDL members: These EDL admins lie to you. They have been using your donations and funds for their personal gain. But don't worry ZHC is here for the audit. Stop following the admins like sheeps

Greetz: TeaMp0isoN - Anon UK/Ireland - All those who oppose Racism

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