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Remember Remember the Fifth of November #OpVendetta

Rumors circulating early today, the 5th of November that Anonymous has kicked off their OpVendetta campaign with a hack on PayPal.

Although this has not been confirmed, additional connected defacements and server compromises have been linked to the operation, as the faceless legion aims to make people remember the 5th of November.

If rumors are true, Anonymous has hacked PayPal and published nearly 30,000 account records.

“PayPal hacked: The following database dumps are brought to you by Anonymous as part of our November 5th protest against the banking blockade and consumerism in general,” an Anon said in a post to Facebook.

Nevertheless, OpVendetta is more than the PayPal breach. As of early morning on Nov 5, Anons online have targeted about 20 additional websites and promise that there’s more to come.

SecurityWeek reports as of 02:00 A.M. Monday, the following sites have been targeted by Anonymous.

  • ghanaconsulate.ae
  • alllotto.com
  • contraloriacarabobo.gob.ve
  • mozambique.org.br
  • oscepa.org
  • adlamadata.com
  • meridacentrohistorico.com
  • redmallkuarica.cl
  • meridalegal.com
  • playemiproductionmusic.com.au
  • ascensionaustralia.com.au
  • wealthwithin.com.au
  • qla.org.au
  • moconcivil.com.au
  • aaet.com.au
  • ecoenergyhomes.com.au
  • semcorp.com.au
  • nsecleaning.com.au

Database dumped from alllotto.com, in addition to wealthwithin.com.au – which includes full names, usernames, passwords, email address, and home addresses – are just the commencing according to a majority of those taking part.

TeamGhostShell tweeted:


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