Thursday, January 27, 2022

Microsoft’s Xbox live service experiencing outages

Xbox Live seems to be offline for a plethora gamers. Accounts of trouble with Microsoft’s network are overflowing across Twitter and reports say that that attempting to sign in to Live results in an error (status code: 80072ee2.) All Xbox Live services are currently inaccessible to those affected.

Microsoft’s Xbox status page currently says users “may experience difficulties viewing backgrounds, channels, or slots from Xbox Live in the Xbox Dashboard” but the issue we’re seeing appears far more severe. This outage comes just a day after Microsoft celebrated the tenth anniversary of Xbox Live.

The Verge reports that said that Xbox Live status page now reflects that users are having trouble signing in. Microsoft says it will update the site every 30 minutes until the disruption is resolved.  Some speculate that the cause may be that it’s the weekend of COD: Black Ops 2 and it’s double XP this weekend.

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