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FireMasterCracker 1.5 Released by Securityxploded

Firefox comes with built-in password handler tool which recalls username and passwords for all the websites you visit. This login/password data is stashed away in the encrypted form in Firefox database files residing in user’s profile directory.

However anyone can simply launch the password manager from the Firefox browser and see the credentials. Also one can simply copy these database files to another machine and view it offline utilizing the tools such as FirePassword.

Hence to protect from such threats, Firefox uses master password to provide enhanced security. By default Firefox does not set the master password. However once you have set the master password, you need to provide it every time to view login credentials. So if you lose the master password then that means you have lost all the stored passwords as well.

So far there was no way to recover these credentials once you have lost the master password.  Now the FireMasterCracker by Securityxploded can help you to recover the master password and get back all the sign-on information.

Download | 7c8787169af6839a0ab6420c9dc850c8

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