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Kaspersky Labs announces new OS focused on Security

It’s long been acknowledged that Linux provides numerous security advantages over both Windows and Macs, of course, but security research firm Kaspersky Lab–which took on a key role in discovering several of these new pieces of malware and apparently has other ideas.

Specifically, the company declared on Tuesday that it’s developing–from scratch–a brand-new, security-focused OS of its own.

“We’re developing a secure operating system for protecting key information systems (industrial control systems (ICS)) used in industry/infrastructure,” wrote Eugene Kaspersky, chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab, in a blog post on Tuesday.

In an ideal world, all ICS software would be rewritten to reflect today’s new breed of malware and to contain all the cutting-edge security technologies available, Kaspersky remarked.

Naturally, even with the vast cost and effort required, such a solution “would still not guarantee sufficiently stable operation of systems,” he added.

Kaspersky’s modern OS will be narrowly focused, he noted, in addition to unable to execute any third-party code. It won’t be based on any existing code, but rather will be written entirely from scratch.

Few additional specifics were offered in his description, and Kaspersky mentioned that security through obscurity–keeping at least some of the details secret–is part of the company’s long-term plan.

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