Friday, March 22, 2019
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Thousands of Passwords leaked from Large BitTorrent Tracker

A ‘hacker’ that is going by the name of ‘Afghanis’ has uploaded a torrent file to The Pirate Bay.  The hackers claim to have RevTT or which is short for RevolutionTT’s full database. RevTT is a BitTorrent tracker that was founded 6 years ago and is invite only.

Very rapidly people who had downloaded the torrent began logging into RevTT utilizing not only regular accounts but those of alleged VIPs who have access to exclusive parts of the site.

The users that where using the VIP accounts started to grab whatever content they could obtain out of the VIP section.  They then preceded to invite accounts/people that needed invites to the site.

RevTT claims they did not get hacked, and that may be the case.  Many say it wasn’t a ‘hack’ but a leak of a database backup, possibly due to a historical admin dispute.

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