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Megaupload’s Megabox – music service or malware?

Though Kim Dotcom waits the consequence of the progressively scandalous efforts by the US and New Zealand governments to extradite him to face accusations of infringement of copyright, the founding father of

Megaupload is organizing to launch a new product line soon—a cloud music service called Megabox.

Dotcom told TorrentFreak that he already has a number of artists signed up for the new service.

“These new solutions will allow content creators to keep 90% of all earnings and generate significant income from the untapped market of free downloads,” Dotcom told TorrentFreak. “I created an innovation that could solve the piracy problem.”

Technically, since users are made mindful of what Megakey is executing and are volitionally admitting the software to be installed on their computers, Megakey falls under the same legal realm as ad blockers.

But once it’s set up, users won’t necessarily acknowledge which ads are hosted on the sites they’re visiting, and which are injected by Megakey.

The ad injection mechanism of Megakey could also pose a major security risk to users.

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