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Cubby – New alternative to Dropbox

Cubby is a new program that you are able to sync any files to the Cubby servers, and have them available on other pcs/devices.  Cubby is currently in beta and the release date is unknown.  But you can join the beta via an invite, post  your email in the comments section, and I will invite you to the beta.

With Cubby, you acquire good control over what goes where. For example, you are able to have your work documents on your office desktop and laptop, your photos on your laptop and your home computer, etc..

Cloud synchronizing is nonobligatory, so you can set a cubby to sync peer-to-peer between your computers when you don’t need web-based or mobile access to a cubby. With P2P syncing, cubby content does not tally against your cloud storage quota.

Cubby claims to be more secure then Dropbox, they have a  better encryption method.

Cubby is secure. Every cubby has its own encryption key that’s further encrypted by your password. When you log in to cubby.com and choose high security mode we use your password to temporarily decrypt your cubby keys so we can show you what you store with us, but when you’re not accessing the website we simply don’t have your encryption keys in a usable form. Your computers with Cubby installed do have a copy of these keys so they’re able to sync information back and forth without your intervention. The only downside to high security mode is that if you forget your cubby.com password and have to reset it without the recovery key that we give you when high security mode is enabled, you lose access to the  stuff that’s in cloud storage. Granted, it will re-sync from your computers as soon as they’re online but still, it’s a hassle so this mode will not be enabled by default.”

So, the way many people are seeing it, Cubby is the new Dropbox and it offers a lot more flexibility and security.  Just leave your email below for an invite, I currently only have 5 invites.

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  • James Landritsi

    can I grab one? 
    [email protected]

  • HDS

    May I get an invite, sir/ma’am?   I’m using a trashmail address to avoid spam down the road.   [email protected]

    • No, because that will be the email attached to the account, i suggest adding your real email and doing it like so: name (@) l i v e . c o m
      EDIT: i sent it to the email that you posted the comment with.

  • ChiefZ

    I would like an invite as well.

    • Sent to the email that you used for the comment, only have 3 invites left!

      • S. in the W.

        I tried to get into the beta last month, still waiting — do you still have an invite left? (And if not, would any of the other commenters share 1 of their 5 invites? The resulting cascade of invitations should be growing exponentially.)  Please invite qb.smw (at) m a m b e r . n e t — thanks!

  • tachycore

    Any more left? Thanks!

  • Box.com is one of the best alternatives out there, and by installing there mobile apps, we can get 50GB free.

    Thank you

  • faNGY

    The best feature in Cubby (and competitors lack in this) is that u can create the “someone else shared folder” everywhere in your pc, not only in Dropbox or Sugarsync folders.
    I’ve some invitation, if u want to try, write your email below.

  • Stealth

    I have 5 invites for you. Let me know on my email: 
    s t e a l t h x (at) a t l a s . c z 
    and write email where i should send it.