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10 Faroe Islands Sites Hacked for #OpHarpoon

Anonymous Australia hacktivist @Doktorbass has dubbed his new operation #OpHarpoon an operation against whaling.

The activist dumped the data to Pastebin and announced the dump via Facebook.

All the sites that have been assaulted have TLD’s for Faeroe Islands and each of the hacked sites has had some sort of leaked data appear on pastebin. The leaked data ranges from modest database info to user and administration account credentails.

Some data from the Pastebin post:

Dear reader.
 What you are looking at is the results of me dumping (and defacing) Faroese sites for #OpHarpoon: an operation to attempt to try and stop whaling.
 ========== [DEFACE]
| username | password |

List of attacked sites:

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