Monday, March 11, 2019
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SirLeakAlot leaks 60k+ User information

@SirLeakAlot has posted a leak of over 60k accounts from a site

@SirLeakAlot posted the leak on AnonPaste, more leaks are surfacing on AnonPaste now because Pastebin is cracking down on personal info and leaks posted on the site.  Pastebin has been removing any posts containing dumps from hacked sites that are trending.

The dump contains username, email address and passwords.  The passwords are in encrypted form(MD5 hash).

Leak statistics:

Current database statistics:

AnonPaste message:


 ---------------------------------- @SirLeakAlot Presents Database Leak ----------------------------------
 | Leaked Data |
 I had to split this leak into three parts due to the size of it.
 Passwords = MD5

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