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Prevent WiFi Sniffing attacks on your Android Device

In this video we will learn how to protect our Android Phones from Man In The Middle Attack via ARP cache poisoning.

When someone attacking on our phone network so almost expert can knows that someone attacking on our phones network rest of non technical people don’t know the situation. So for making secure your phone network we are using this tool called wifiprotector.
Wifiprotector :-

Detect :- A Wi-Fi network can be a dangerous place. It is easy for a malicious user to manipulate aspects of the networks settings on your Android phone. By doing so he could prevent your phone from accessing the wireless network or – even worse – read and change everything you send and receive over the network. Wifi Protector detects such attacks.

Protect :- When a security incident occurs, Wifi Protector alerts you. The type of alert can be configured. To protect your data the app can disable Wi-Fi if an attack is detected. It’s also possible to configure your phone in a way that makes it no longer vulnerable for the ARP attack. This is done on a lower network layer of the operating system, so this kind of configuration needs root access to the phone.

Prevent :- After an attack has been detected, you may decide for simple (all phones) or advanced (rooted phones) countermeasures. The “Immunity” feature prevents further ARP attacks from being successful. Wifi Protector can be configured for automatic countermeasures, which makes user intervention no longer required.

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