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Par:AnoIA Launches site for data dumps

Par:AnoIA is a new publishing platform built by Anonymous.  Today they decided to launch they’re own site similar to Wikileaks where they can post data dumps from major leaks.

The most recent leaks posted:

Paranoia, which debuted in March, their aim is to to host Anonymous data leaks that’s trying to find a solution to a problem that plagues news sites, government transparency advocates, and large website owners everywhere: how to organize more data than any human could possibly read.

Other efforts at dealing with leaked data, including WikiLeaks, have been built on a similar ideal of citizen participation. The “wiki” in WikiLeaks signaled the project’s intention to leak documents, and have a crowd-sourced equivalent of the CIA analyze the documents. That notion was abandoned after the founders discovered that only themselves, academics and journalists took the time to delve into data sets. (WikiLeaks subsequently began partnering with media organizations, which it soon found came with a different set of complications.)


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