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New Zeus variant steals money via Facebook & Gmail

A Fresh edition of the infamous Zeus malware is stealing credit card money from Facebook and Gmail users, reported internet security firm Bitdefender.  It told the new scam calls for unwary users to “associate” their credit card data with either Facebook or Google and transform these accounts into digital wallets.

“The attack is extremely convincing as the browser shows the URL of the real login service. Facebook users are told they can directly buy Facebook credits after they link the credit-card to the account, while Gmail users are told they can use Gmail as a “digital wallet” and pay by simply entering their e-mail address,”

wrote Bogdan Botezatu, senior e-threat analyst.

Also, the “malware can manipulate the way the bank reports account balances so victims are unaware that money has been moved out of the account,”

according to Bitdefender.

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