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Microsoft reveals two Zeus Bot owners

Microsoft published the identities of 2 supposed members of the Zeus botnet crime ring, which utilized approximatly 13 million computers that had been infected with the malware to steal more than $100 million.

The botnet operators applied the malware to present fake or modified sites when victims attempted to use actual banking sites, log their keystrokes to seize victims’ identity data, and then apply that information to steal money
from victim’s bank accounts.

Microsoft announced today that the two are arrested and serving time in the U.K. for other Zeus-related convictions.

“Our best efforts to identify the remaining John Doe defendants turned up no response,” Richard Domingues Boscovich, senior attorney with Microsoft’s digital crimes unit, said in a company blog post. “We will continue our efforts to serve defendants Kulibaba and Konovalenko, and the John Doe defendants, with this amended complaint.”

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