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The Real Owner of OpenSC.ws?

Opensc Real OwnersOpenSC.ws was recently hacked and the deface page was up for about a day or so,  the site is now down and the webmaster is no where to be found.  Many are wondering what was the motivation behind the individuals targeting OpenSC.ws (a “underground” programming forum).  After the original owners left, including Icarus (the owner of the forum at the time).  Icarus sold the forum to whoever would pay.  A user by the name of “Reine” helped contribute to the payment of OpenSC.ws (the community was told).

Now, none of this confirmed, but looking at the evidence it is believed Reine and Icarus are the same person, but who is the person behind these two accounts?

The end of 2011 OpenSC.ws released an Android and IPhone app to access their website with a GUI that was user friendly and allowed users to access the forums on the move.  The app was released and can now be found here.

If you look at the author of the app that Reine stated that he had coded, you will see a unfamiliar name:


Who is this Can YILDIZLI?  Well, if we do a quick Google search you come up with many links such as a LinkedIn account, Facebook and a couple articles of a competition.   One of the articles states:

Teams of 3 or 4 contestants from all over the world took part in the contest.  The challengers were members of leading computer technology companies, cyber war intelligence experts, teams from military and law enforcement, and IT experts of universities.

The objective of the challenge was to track hackers in cyberspace and crack codes to collect intelligence.  Can Yıldızlı joined the challenge alone under the alias “LoneWolf,” and cracked hundreds of codes to uncover the data hidden behind music and image files.  Yıldızlı kept track of professional hackers with the software he developed, and gathered a wealth of digital evidence.

The challenge is considered the largest and the longest competition in digital evidence collecting and intelligence.  The Pentagon aims to discover more talent in the field and encourage more IT experts to work in cyber defense.

The challenge began in January 2011, and contestants were given problems of varying difficulty for almost 1 year.

Speaking on collecting digital evidence, cracking codes and various issues in intelligence, Can Yıldızlı said: “I cracked a code placed in a digital image file to uncover the encrypted message.  I also tracked hackers to collect evidence of their criminal acts and identities.  I was the first among 1147 teams from 52 countries.  My competitors were usually teams of 4, while I competed as a ‘LoneWolf.’  At the end of the challenge, I took first place with 4789 points.  The first and second runners-up were teams of 4 people, and they only took around 3500 points.  Although I competed on my own, I was able to leave my closest competitors far behind.”

Can Yıldızlı was invited to an international conference to be held by the Department of Defense in Atlanta.  All expenses of Yıldızlı will be paid for by the Department of Defense, and he will receive an award at the ceremony to be held during the conference.

Yıldızlı was also invited to a visit to the IMPACT (International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats) headquarters in Malaysia.  All expenses of this trip will be paid for by the Department of Defense as well.

The article says that Can YILDIZLI or Icarus was gifted in the art of Security, and no doubt works for the FBI.  A user on another forum states:

Icarus was hired by them because of his ‘skill’ he’s a genius when it comes to security. However when it comes to programming he’s quite the opposite.

Now this is all fabricated from the evidence that has been found, none of this is fact but a theory developed by the users of Ic0de.org, we will probably never get the true answer, but as of now OpenSC.ws is down and probably won’t be back in the near future.

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  • Sajan Shetty

    Is there any backup of the website uploaded somewhere?
    It really had some good quality discussions.

    And can you suggest any alternative websites for Opensc.ws? Thanks!


    • People are saying that it will be back in a couple months, but you could try http://www.imsecure.org

      • gribodemon

        Where did you hear such thing?

        • I believe it was from a comment on a previous article.

  • Captain Ahab


    Reine, no matter where the fuck are you: COME BACK AND PUT IT ONLINE.

    Or at least give back the lead of the previous owner.
    That place is my life. I can’t stay out there for too long.

  • .

    Opensc is not going back up, don’t hold your breath.

    • Oh, ok thanks for the info, but nothing is confirmed yet..

  • lulz

    Yes man, hope it will come back again as the nice place it used to be.
    No one really knows who is real owners and I simply don’t care, just care on the http://www.opensc.ws/forum.php and every of its members with his craziness and posts.

    Everyone could make a mistake… Use some reverse proxy for next time or whatever but please get it back or at least give us some explanation in the front page about the future of this loved site.
    If money is the problem i can donate for the cause.

    Don’t let it die. FACK!

    • Captain Ahab

      Woah man. Agreed!

      And then a guy come telling the site will never come back, without leaving proofs or even his own name.

      Self labelling a “.”, he says to not hold our breath. Leaving no evidence or anything we could consider solid.

      I really wish it come back A.S.A.P.

  • jejus_slave

    @ hi “Captain Ahab ”

    well,as far as i know we don’t got any contact with reine ,he is not replying mail’s nor chat’s pop’s … the saddest part is i am missing opensc.ws so badly…..

    Hope someday we get back online :->

  • Captain Ahab

    Thanks for the info, slave.

    Still, I got the same sensation than the last time I got one of my balls chopped.
    Believe me, it ain’t as funny as it sounds… You don’t truly want to lose ANY of your GOLDEN eggs…

    …And talking about GOLDEN eggs, as I lost opensec.ws I’m moving to icode.org. In thruth, it’s more of a Silver egg as it got MANY MORE rules than opensc.ws. Yet, there are still familiar people there, such as DeadlyVermilion and Glockhead… I’ll Keep in touch there.

    If you want my email, try [email protected].

  • .

    I have my own suspicions about opensc being run by feds, but I don’t expect anyone to believe me.

    To me, it seems like it was closed because of the lack of useful info to the feds (IP addresses, logins…) after HF skids came in.

    Look at cardersprofit forum on google, they were run by feds but not many people suspected it. carder.pro is also run by feds i believe as well as many english forums.

  • They all end up like this ……


  • You can check out my site, http://www.ryan1918.com I think it’s much better.

    • Ryan your site looks like raped

  • well i was searching google and it was there. They say there was no money to fund there server or some thing like that but ever since i cant see it on google any more i assume it will soon be open since you can now acsses there domain but with a nice 403 Forbidden message

  • Folks,Great News! Opensc.ws is back again :)


    • .


  • Script Kitty

    What the hell, it’s down again, this some ol’bullshit mang!

  • LoverBoy

    Why the hell, it’s down again?

  • Guest