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Reconnaissance using Dnswalk

Updated video, original was removed.

Description: Dnswalk is another information gathering tool which performs the zone transfers on the target domains.

In this video i have used following commands for the usage of the dnswalk tool



./dnswalk -r

./dnswalk -i

./dnswalk -a

./dnswalk -d

./dnswalk -m

./dnswalk -d

./dnswalk -riadmfl

Command Description:

====> ./dnswalk

This command tries to find zone tranfer records of the target doamain.

====> ./dnswalk -r

This command recursively descend sub domains of a domain

====> ./dnswalk -i

Turns on warning of duplicate A records

.====> /dnswalk -a

Performs debugging on the site

====> ./dnswalk -d

Checks whether the domains are been modified are not

====> ./dnswalk -m

Performs all the above things through single command line arguments

====> ./dnswalk -riadmfl

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