Tuesday, January 9, 2018
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OpenSc.ws Hacked and Defaced

There has been no statement by the Opensc.ws site admins, the hackers are not verified at this moment, but the defacement page lists three names, GOA, 3lite, M-$p33d.  The defacement message is below, and at the time of this posting OpenSc.ws is still defaced.

Deface message that has been left:

Give bitches some fame, bitches love fame: GOA, 3lite, M-$p33d isn’t it almost orgasmic? x3

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  • Sonny Black

    I know M-Speed

    he is a german guy and admin from trading-network.to

    thats lol that germans hack opensc hahahaha :D

    • FastFlux

      Thanks for the info :D

  • lychees

    What a shame i always came to opensc for some sources.

  • Who ever did this was using server side exploit ,no need to worry we always have backup and just an note the ip’s are log’d with other important traces.

    Well will be back soon,no one can get is down forever.

    • Maris

      I doubt you have any connection with staff

    • Yo what’s up son.

      Find some place we can meet. email me: [email protected]

      By the way, remember I got banned for saying there were feds on that site? I knew what I was talking about.

      Good thing it was hacked when I was gone.

      But yeah. See you soon.

  • it’s me hahahahahahahahaha
    im frome #JOker.Sec

  • lulz

    Really lulz! how stupid are reine and zyklon, the sysadmins?
    Using bugged nginx/1.0.10 LULZ -> CVE-2012-2089 since april *fail*

    Almost my children could pwn ya forumz if he wanted to.


    • darksc

      @ lulz ,using nginx/1.0.10 , CVE-2012-2089 was not the way it was exploited,there was an security flaw in php.

      Stop your nonsense ,if you think you smart on what you said then prove by posting video.

      script kiddie @ lulz don’t join golden terms to scriptkiddie terms…

  • TransX

    “Using bugged nginx/1.0.10 LULZ -> CVE-2012-2089 since april *fail*”
    Seems as you are a dumbfuck

    Please reread the sentence on the defacepage -.-

  • nooot

    Albania Radicals elite are free rider!
    Hackers are from germany and it seems you don’t know your own language. As you don’t understand it was irconic.

  • .

    Looks like the 3/4 comments above are from skids / big heckers.

  • Maris

    Anyway what happened with db anyone knows? I had something there to download …

  • .

    @lulz, yes, it is happening.
    malware coders being kidnapped / disappearing, forums everywhere being monitored, arrests everyday.

  • Maris

    Any alternative to osc?(possibly english speaking)

  • .

    Yeah, skidforums. :troll:

  • They all end up like this ……


  • mighty haxx0rs ate my sox

    What’s this? Kindergarten? Script kiddies everywhere… EWW.