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Comcast Hometown network hacked by #UGNazi and data leak

@UG have continued to attack company websites, including WHMCS, 4Chan, Mybb and Cloudflare.  This week it was
Comcast hometown network and they defaced their main page, index.php, and leaked user data which was later

posted  on Pastebin.

The following announcement was made from the @UG twitter account

UGNazi ‏@UG



#Database #leak #UGNazi

The assault was on and the leaked information contains a few basic server/network data in addition 15 admin accounts with emails and passwords that are clear text and very weak in conditions of how strong the passwords where, e.g. it seems a couple of the accounts where still employing the default password which was “welcome”.  As of the time of the posting the website is still defaced.

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