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The Jester’s Twitter QR-Code Exploits Targets

The jester boot page

@Th3j35t3r earlier today replaced his old twitter profile pic with a new picture.  It was a QR-Code seen in the image below, this lead to a known smartphone exploit.

“It was a highly targeted and precise attack, against known bad guys, randoms were left totally unscathed,” 

Those who scanned the QR-Code on any Android or iPhone mobile device were automatically pointed to a site that revealed The Jester’s frequently used avatar and the content “BOO!”.

Here is the content of the “BOO” webpage:



The Jester explain in his blog,

“Embedded inside the webpage with the ‘BOO’ greeting was some UTF encrypted javascript, (I used this site to encrypt it) inside which was some code execution shellcode. When anyone hit the page the shellcode executed. The shellcode was a modified and updated version of the use-after-free remote code execution CVE-2010-1807, a known exploit forWebkit, which facilitated a reverse TCP shell connection to a ‘remote server’ which had an instance of netcat listening on port 37337… Webkit is an SDK component part used in both Safari for iPhone and also Chrome for Android,”

Those who scanned the QR-Code were then cross-referenced on Jester’s database of recognized targets, and those targets were later on pwned, getting their address books, texts and emails deleted.  The Jester explains,

I also had a list of ‘targets’ – twitter usernames I was interested in, these were comprised of usernames of:

  • Islamic Extremists
  • Al Qaeda Supporters
  • Anonymous Members
  • Lulz/Antisec Members

Here’s a very SMALL sample of the much longer list: @alemarahweb@HSMPress @AnonymousIRC@wikileaks,@anonyops@barretbrownlol@DiscordiAnon

and his statistics,

In all this ‘curiosity pwned the cat’ sting went on for 5 days un-noticed.

Here’s some facts and figures on how it went:

  • Over 1200 curious netizens scanned the QR-Code.
  • ^ Of those over 500 devices reverse shelled back to the listening server.
  • ^^ Of those, a significant number were on the ‘shit-list’ and as such treated as valid targets.


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