Monday, May 16, 2022

Millions of US Government Emails for Sale

Groups of cyber criminals are mindful of the immense need for data about the military sector, for this reason they endlessly attempt to gain and sell information about each country’s militia and intelligence authorities through many methods: espionage , phishing, extortion, cyber attacks, and hacking of major government contractors.

United States government and U.S military users whose e-mails have been disclosed have been alerted on the dangers, they’ve been advised that they could be targeted by malware attacks, and they’re all instructed to avoid clicking on links discovered in any fishy emails for concern of downloading and executing a malevolent attachment.
The news of the availability of large amount of emails on the black market came while the United States. military announced their intention to engage in a fight against cyber threats with an offensive strategy.
The Pentagon newly placed a report to Congress where it alleges that it allows the right to strike back with military force against a cyber attack. Air Force General Robert Kehler enounced:

I do not believe that we need new explicit authorities to conduct offensive operations of any kind…

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