Thursday, January 27, 2022

Grooveshark fights to stay online

A popular music streaming website, Grooveshark is being sued by all of the major record label companies.

Grooveshark says to TorrentFreak:

“Grooveshark wants to keep the platform Open. That is to say, even after all the deals are inked, the company wants artists to be able to share without having to go through a label. That’s Grooveshark’s definition of open,”

Grooveshark says, that they will fight to keep the site up and running for their users.  Grooveshark has no plans of shutting down unless they are forced to.

It’s beginning to seem like a popular trend, the greedy music industries are shutting down companies left and right.    Many feel as though this is going to keep getting worse, and file sharing will turn into a more underground hobby.  Lets hope this does not occur any time soon.


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