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Defend against USB infection – Autorun Eater

In the current day and age of technology everyone uses usb sticks to carry around information virtually.   The most advanced known malware is Stuxnet, and the main way Stuxnet spread from computer to computer was via USB thumb drives.

Malware programmers have been using this method for years, and it is hard to defend against these kinds of security risks.

This program that has been around for a while,  it runs in the background of your computer and scans autorun.inf files which are what runs the hidden malware located on flash drives/phones or any other memory enabled device.   This is a very helpful tool to defend against these kinds of attacks.

Latest release

Change log:

Added: ‘Malware Scan’ option to scan the infected storage device using Microsoft Security Essentials’ command line scanner (only works with version 2.1.1116.0 and above) after removing the suspicious ‘autorun.inf’ file.

Added: ‘MSE Scan Log’ option to view the Microsoft Security Essentials scan log.

Removed: ‘Priority’ option in the tray menu.

Removed: Removed some redundant code to improve startup time and performance.

Changed: Tweaks to program behaviour.

If you’re a new user we would like to encourage you to visit ourFAQ page. Please feel free to submit any suggestions, report any bugs or anything you’d like to tell us.

You can install the new version over the old version(exit v2.5 first).

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To all our faithful users, thank you very much for your continual support!

MD5 Checksum: 2ec2b86df38cdca49ce6071fcd64c70c


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