Monday, May 16, 2022

New Mac Trojan “Flashback”

The “Flashback” Mac trojan is back, and it is brighter than ever. Mac security company Intego alleges the newest variant, Flashback.G, applies three fresh methods in order to make its way onto Macs, though it will not install itself the least bit if it detects a number of antivirus or anti-malware security programs already installed.

“The malware first tries to install itself using one of two Java vulnerabilities. If this is successful, users will be infected with no intervention,” Intego had wrote on Mac Security Blog this Thursday. “If these vulnerabilities are not available—if the Macs have Java up to date—then it attempts a third method of installation, trying to fool users through a social engineering trick. The applet displays a self-signed certificate, claiming to be issued by Apple. Most users won’t understand what this means, and click on Continue to allow the installation to continue.”

Most of the time if a mac user is subjected to this kind of virus/behavior, they believe it cannot possibly be  virus as “Macs don’t get viruses”.  This is completely wrong, if you talk to a standard mac user, half of the time they’ll say this which makes them more vulnerable the pcs users.

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