Tuesday, October 30, 2018
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Bangladeshi hacker defaces 6 sites

A hacker that goes by the name of Orions Hunter and is apart of the Bangladeshi Black Hat Hackers Group has left six Indian top missionary websites defaced for #opindia.


All of these sites are contained on the same server, which most likely the hacker had gotten access to:

  • http://jesusall.co.in/
  • http://jesusall.net.in/
  • http://jesusall.org.in/
  • http://jesusforgives.org.in/
  • http://jesusall.in/
  • http://jesusexalts.org/
  • http://z-z0ne.tk/defacements/?id=8851
  • http://z-z0ne.tk/defacements/?id=8853
  • http://z-z0ne.tk/defacements/?id=8854
  • http://z-z0ne.tk/defacements/?id=8855
  • http://z-z0ne.tk/defacements/?id=8856
  • http://z-z0ne.tk/defacements/?id=8852

Deface message:

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