Monday, January 15, 2018
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Anonymous intercepted FBI call

Anonymous had promised a big release today for Fuck FBI Friday.  Anonymous had intercepted a phone call of two FBI agents, the percentage of the call is with Scotland Yard talking about their mutual investigation into Anonymous. The sound recording (below) comprises about 16 minutes of federal agents chitchatting about what evidence they have acquired on already-arrested hackers including Ryan Cleary, Jake Davis (also known as Topiary) and Kayla.

This release shows that anonymous has access to an FBI agents email.  Anonymous also released a pastebin report and the audio below.  You can also download it at:

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  • Update: According to Zetas has hired its own team of hackers to track down and iinetdfy Anonymous members causing Anonymous to disavow its threat. However a group of Anonymous hacktivists located overseas appears to intend to make good on it. I guess we’ll find out on Guy Fawkes day.This is an interesting organizational problem. What happens when you have an organization of faceless individuals. Anybody can put on a mask and make a video. How do you know who you are? It has probably been faced by resistance movements since the dawn of authoritarian governments.However, we should be following it because the implications for the blogging world are tremendous. Are we all suddenly going to find ourselves at war with the drug cartels and with organized crime? Will banksters start hiring their underground cohorts to take out bloggers and occupiers? The #occupy movement has evolved into a peaceful revolution, but even peaceful revolutions are threatening to those in power. They rarely let go of their ill-gotten gains willingly.