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ARP Cache Poisoning Backtrack 5

In this video Keeneng Vang Talking about ARP Cache Poisoning.

1. Overview if ARP
2. Discuss ARP Cache Poisoning
3. Demo
4. What to do in order to protect yourself.

• Address Resolution Protocol
1. Essential to TCP/IP
2. Used to find other devices on the network
3. Associates IP addresses with MAC addresses
4. Resolved addresses are stored in the ARP cache dynamically

• Insecurities
1. ARP accepts updates to the cache automatically
2. Anyone can send an ARP reply to a computer forcing it to add a new entry into the cache
3. Gratuitous ARP

• How to defend against ARP Cache Poisoning
– ARP can only be exploited locally
1. Potential attackers must be there physically
2. Have a strong secure network
– Static ARP tables
1. Prevents ARP spoofing
2. Not feasible in large environments
– ARP monitoring tools
1. Watch for changes in the clients – Administrator

Source :- Posted By ITKeeneng On YouTube.

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